About the Proceedings of THATCamp


THATCamp, The Humanities and Technology Camp, is an open, inexpensive meeting where humanists and technologists of all skill levels meet to learn and build together in sessions proposed on the spot: it is a well-known and popular global unconference. The Proceedings of THATCamp is a wholly automatic collection of and portal to blog posts from around the THATCamp website network. (Content from all THATCamp sites, including sites hosted on thatcamp.org and self-hosted THATCamp sites, is included here.) Blog posts are most often used to propose sessions for the unconference or to administer the event, but people who go to THATCamp also often write blog posts that describe things they have built at THATCamp, blog posts that contain notes from a session they attended at THATCamp, or blog posts that summarize and analyze the whole THATCamp.


The front page of Recent THATCamp Posts page lists the most recent blog posts from around the THATCamp website network.


The Favorite THATCamp Posts page lists the blog posts that have been most often “favorited” by THATCamp participants; to favorite a post, log in to any THATCamp website for a THATCamp you’re registered to attend and click the green “Favorite” button. You can also favorite recent posts by going to the Activity page of the central THATCamp website, logging in, and clicking the star to the right of the blog post’s title.


The THATCamp Posts by Topic page lists both Categories and Tags that people have assigned to the blog posts they write. Blog post authors can only choose from a limited number of categories; the list of categories is developed and revised centrally. Blog post authors can, however, invent and add any tag or tags they wish to a post.


The THATCamp Posts by Date page allows browsing through blog posts by year and month.


The Tweets about THATCamp page shows current tweets about THATCamp.


The Pictures from THATCamp page displays public photos posted to the THATCamp Flickr group. There are several other places to find pictures taken at THATCamp, however, including pictures tagged “thatcamp” on Flickr and pictures tagged “thatcamp” on Google+.


THATCamp.org makes use of both WordPress Multisite and a customized version of BuddyPress. Aggregation for the Proceedings is made possible by the WordPress MU Sitewide Tags plugin, the FeedWordPress plugin, and a custom plugin that relies on BuddyPress’s favoriting features.


Design – Kim Nguyen
Web development – Boone Gorges and Aram Zucker-Scharff
Chief editor and project manager – Amanda French


The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media held the first THATCamp in 2008.
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supported the THATCamp project from 2010-2014.
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation supported the creation of the Proceedings of THATCamp.
The Proceedings of THATCamp is a PressForward publication.

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